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November 11, 2016


Dear friends,

Over the past few days, staff and community members have been talking about the results of the presidential election and what it means for us. 

We are hurt and angry that the hateful words and actions of the president-elect had resonance with so many across our country.

Many of our community members and clients are fearful and uncertain about what the coming weeks, months, and years will look like and what the consequences may be for themselves, their families, their friends and allies.

At the same time, we are undeterred in our commitment to supporting and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable among us, and helping to magnify the voices of those who contribute so much to our communities but have been vilified just for being who they are.

We will continue to stand up for our communities of immigrants, of LGBTQI people, of people of color, of poor and working class people, of people with disabilities, of women, of people of all faiths, of people without homes. And we will continue to work tirelessly with all of our communities to ensure that everyone can stand up for their own rights with our support.

We have done this work for more than 30 years and we are ready to do it for many, many more.

We know that many of our supporters, neighbors, and friends, feel at a loss in this moment about what to do next, where to go from here. We encourage you to share these concerns with those around you, to build community, and work to spread that commitment to solidarity.

Our first step is to plan a forum to educate the community about their constitutional rights, have a discussion as to what we should expect from the new president, have an open conversation about fears and concerns, and determine the best way forward at this time. We are also working with partner organizations to develop strategies and mount a unified response. Once we have more details, we will share them with all of you.

We will also keep you posted about any future actions in which we may need your help—to defend our Sanctuary City, to survive in the face of potential funding cuts, to stand up for our friends and neighbors who may need our support.  You can join our email list to stay informed of what actions we are taking or how you can get involved or even make a donation to support our work through the links to the left.

In the meantime, thank you for standing by us and standing with us.


With love and solidarity,

Dolores Street Community Services



Our Vision

We envision a vibrant and diverse San Francisco where multiple cultures, life experiences and contributions are honored, and all people live with dignity and hope. Our vision is of a just and sustainable community where all residents – regardless of income, immigration or health status – have equal rights and access to resources, and are empowered to fully participate in shaping the City’s future.

Our Mission

Dolores Street Community Services nurtures individual wellness and cultivates collective power among low-income and immigrant communities to create a more just society.

Our Core Values

Those who are the most marginalized by our society have a right to build community and access resources for a healthy life

Finding strength in individual struggles gives rise to transformative change

Shared experiences create connections that build power for common struggles

All people have intrinsic value and make unique contributions to our neighborhood and city

Redistributed Power
People most affected by injustice should be leaders in creating solutions

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