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Preserving San Francisco’s Only 24-hour Drop-in Center
Preserving San Francisco’s Only 24-hour Drop-in Center

Update - Buster's Place closed on Monday, March 31st without a complete, permanent alternative in place. Instead, the city has decided to temporarily use 150 Otis St. as a drop-in center that has less capacity and will only serve men. The temporary drop-in center will be available from April 1st through June 30th. By design, the City's transition plan left people without a place to go on Monday night, and women with fewer options for shelter.

Somewhere in the city, people with nice, cushy, leather-covered chairs have decided that chairs for people who are homeless cost too much...

When people can't get a bed at our Dolores Street or other shelters, sometimes they go to Buster's Place on Mission Street. Buster's Place is the only 24-hour drop-in center in San Francisco. For many people, it is a better alternative to being on the streets, and in some cases an alternative to shelter. This is a critical service that should be preserved until an alternative exists. A closure now will overwhelm other shelters and leave dozens of people out in the cold.

The community has to fight (again) to provide homeless communities a chair to sit in. Speak your mind on March 4, 2008, 3 pm, at 101 Grove Street, Room 300 in San Francisco.

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