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DSCS takes on housing in SF ....
Community Planning & Development


The Community Planning & Development department functions to facilitate Dolores Street's organizational goals of providing quality housing options for the community and of helping to build and maintain an economically diverse and integrated neighborhood in the Mission District of San Francisco. 

CPD conducts land-use advocacy that will result in more equitable development in our neighborhood and encourage the construction of more affordable housing.  The program works closely with the Mission Anti-displacement Coalition (MAC)  to meet these goals.

The development of affordable housing is the other core function of CPD.  Currently, we are in the process of rehabilitating the Dolores Hotel, a 59-unit Residential Hotel on Woodward Street that will be able to provide long-term transitional housing for many of the clients who are currently utilizing our shelters.  In the future, CPD hopes to be able to acquire  and develop other sites to meet the City's affordable housing needs. 


Accomplishments of 2009:

Dolores Hotel: 

  • We are almost through the permitting process.  Though slightly delayed, we expect to begin construction late April/early May. 
  • We have also finalized a budget that will be presented to the City's Loan Committee for funding of our services component. 
  • Our community meeting in October, though lightly attended, went well.  It seems that all of the neighbors' concerns have been addressed and we are not hearing any significant opposition to the project.  This was the last informational meeting; all future meetings will be designed to plug neighbors into aspects of the project (such as street beautification projects) and to build support for the project. 
  • We will schedule the next community meeting for sometime in March.

Marty's Place:

  • Members of DSCS' staff and Board met with members of the Aurora Dawn Foundation Board and came to several concrete commitments regarding the transfer of the property.
  • The transfer date was set for March 21, 2010.  The transfer is contingent on a series of inspections must be conducted in order for DSCS to be able to commit to the acquisition.
  • In addition the Foundation agreed to turn over assets related to the site, including: furnishings, a van, list of donors, funds left in the coffers of the foundation. 
  • It was also agreed to allow Father Purcell to remain in the residence until his condition no longer allows it.
  • Our application for CDBG funding for the rehab of the garage space is pending.  If successful, the funding will allow us to convert the garage into the Purcell Community Center; a gathering space for residents and community members.


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