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San Francisco Day Labor Program and Women’s Collective

Roel Aguirre, Day Labor Program Site Manger

Roel is originally from San Benito, Texas. Shortly after moving to the Bay Area 15 years ago, Roel found the DLP. As a former laborer, the program offered Roel many opportunities for growth and gave him a sense of pride and community. He has been working at the DLP for at least 13 years. On a daily basis Roel manages our office and helps to maintain the DLP as a safe and welcoming space for our community.

Emiliano Bourgois-Chacon, Program Coordinator

Emiliano Bourgois-Chacón has worked at the San Francisco Day Labor Program & Women’s Collective since July 2012. With the program staff team, he has the privilege of securing safe, fair-paying jobs for day laborers and domestic workers on a daily basis. He also organizes directly with the workers that seek employment through the program, supporting their initiative in such projects as renting billboards to advertise their services, working with the city of San Francisco to keep the street corners they frequent clean, and advocating for a more just world, where the immigrant workforce is heard and respected by our larger society. Recent victories for day laborers and the immigrant community more broadly, in which the Day Labor Program membership participated, include universal access to license plates for residents of California and a protected separation between the activities of local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, etc.

Guillermina Castellanos, Organizer

Guillermina Castellanos ha organizado a las trabajadoras en San Francisco por mas de 16 años. En el año 2000 co-fundó la Colectiva de Mujeres. Como la Organizadora de la Colectiva, ha desarrollado el liderazgo de ciento de mujeres, organizando con ellas para el respeto, la dignidad, y los derechos en el lugar de trabajo. El propósito de este trabajo es siempre transformar las vidas de las trabajadoras. En 2004 La Colectiva de Mujeres ayudó iniciar una campaña para asegurar los derechos de las trabajadoras del hogar en California, y en 2013 se pasó finalmente una Carta de Derechos de las trabajadoras del hogar en California. Ella ayudó a fundar a la Alianza Nacional de las Trabajadoras del Hogar en 2007, y ha podido representar a las trabajadoras del hogar de los Estados Unidos en el Convenio Sobre el Trabajo Doméstico de la Organización Internacional de Labor. Ella tiene un fuerte compromiso al cambio social, político, y económico. Esta lucha le da más felicidad y energía cada día.

Guillermina Castellanos has organized domestic workers in San Francisco for over 16 years. In 2000, she co-founded the Women’s Collective. As the Organizer of the Women’s Collective, she has developed the leadership abilities of hundreds of women, organizing with them to establish respect, dignity, and labor rights in the work place. The aim of this work is always to transform the lives of these workers. In 2004 the Women’s Collective helped initiate a campaign to win work-place rights for domestic workers in California, and in 2013, the California Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights was finally passed. She helped found the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance in 2007 and was given the honor to represent US domestic workers at the International Labor Organization in Geneva for the Convention on Domestic Work. She is deeply committed to social, political and economic change. That struggle gives her happiness and nourishes her every day.

Delia Salomon, Job Development Assistant

Delia will be working with the DLP and Women’s Collective for a year through the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. Delia recently graduated from Grinnell College with a major in Biology and minor in Spanish. She is passionate about working with our members to access a dignified wage, economic security and develop their leadership skills. You can often find her swimming in the SF Bay or eating tamales.
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