Dolores Street's DACA Statement

In light of attacks on the rights of immigrants from the current administration, and its recent rescinding of DACA, Dolores Street Community Services (DSCS) wants our staff, clients and the greater community we serve to know that we are a safe place free from discrimination and ICE activity. We affirm our 35 year commitment to meeting the immediate needs of low-income and immigrant communities in San Francisco. DSCS was founded on these principles in 1982 when we opened our doors to create safe and sheltered space in the Mission District for refugees fleeing war and famine in Central America and it continues to be the bedrock of our core belief to stand in solidarity as we address and resist the root causes of suffering and injustice.

Earlier in the month, Dolores Street Community Service’s own Deportation Defense & Legal Advocacy Program publicly denounced this administration's cruel decision to rescind DACA. We believe in the inherent value and power of our communities and rise in solidarity with all 11 million undocumented brothers and sisters.

We face this moment grounded in our collective resilience--inspired and determined to continue to organize, advocate, and provide culturally and linguistically competent, zealous representation to those who are fighting back against the most egregious due process violations in the immigration system. Will you stand with us?

Join us at this year’s 2017 Open Palm Awards on Friday, September 15th, where we will celebrate Dolores Street's accomplishments as well as honor community heroes who work tirelessly for dignity, respect and human rights for immigrants, low income, and homeless communities.

For more information visit our website,, and our Deportation Defense Program's site,