AB 2314 Passes Senate- Congratulations to the women of La Colectiva!

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Thanks to the work of our tireless member leaders, our fierce Leadership Empowerment Coordinator, Evelin Alfaro, and our Lider Consagrada, Guillermina Castellanos, as well as hundreds of domestic workers in California, AB 2314 passed the senate and is headed to Jerry Brown's desk.

AB2314 seeks a robust set of education, outreach and enforcement elements that will benefit domestic workers across the state, with the hope to inspire other states to adopt similar approaches

The women of La Colectiva are founders and leaders in the domestic worker movement in California and the United States and together with the CA Domestic Workers Coaliton, are responsible for the first-in-history permanent bill of rights for domestic workers in California, AB1015.

Over the next months, there will be continued advocacy for Governor Brown to sign AB 2314, and take the next step in implementing the rights that they have worked so hard to win!

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Mason Jeffrys