Community Engagement & Organizing


The new Community Engagement & Organizing program engages in advocacy and community organizing among the wide array of our members, residents, and clients and across our programs to address issues in the areas of land use, immigrant rights, and worker’s rights.  This is a new formal area of work for us.

Thriving in the intersections, the programs housed at Dolores Street Community Services are rooted in a 35 year old tradition of addressing the immediate needs of our San Francisco community by providing  direct services to vulnerable populations.

Our campaign priorities and demands are informed by the day to day work we engage in as service providers. However, in order to make sustainable long term interventions in the quality of life of homeless, low income, working class, LBGT, mixed status,  and communities of color-we must advocate for more than just resources.

Follow us as we grow this branch of our organization. It's an honor to be in the struggle for dignity with you all!



Reports and Documents


In 2014, the City was directed by Mayor Ed Lee at the request of community organizations to assess and understand how to ensure the socioeconomic diversity of the Mission community. For the past 18 months, under the management of the Planning Department, community and senior city officials from a diverse set of community organizations and city departments, have taken on the task of compiling data, determining and immediately investing in and introducing proactive strategies related to Housing; Tenant Protections; Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR) space; Affordable Housing Preservation and Production; Economic Development; Community Planning and Homelessness.

Download (pdf) the Legal Text of Local Ballot Measures for November 6, 2018, Consolidated General Election Proposition C, Article 28: Homelessness Gross Receipts Tax Ordinance.