Immigrant Rights




Deportation Defense & Legal Advocacy Program

The Deportation Defense & Legal Advocacy Program began as a response to immigration enforcement raids taking place in San Francisco’s Mission District in 2008. Since then, the program has grown to provide deportation defense in complex cases, as well as other  immigrant legal services, while advocating to change the systems which our tearing our community apart.

The Immigrant Rights and Community Empowerment Program (IRCE)

The Immigrant Rights and Community Empowerment Program (IRCE), a program of Dolores Street Community Services (DSCS), was established in 2018 to improve the impact of immigrant rights work in San Francisco and Northern California through coalition building and infusing the coalitions and their work with a transformative/healing justice lens. IRCE provides leadership and coordination to the San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN), the San Francisco Rapid Response Network (SFRRN), and the Northern California Rapid Response and Immigrant Defense Network (NCRRIDIN)- Bay Area region.

San Francisco Immigrant Legal And Education Network (SFILEN)

SFILEN represents a groundbreaking collaboration of 13 organizations that provide legal assistance and community education to San Francisco’s immigrants. We represent immigrants from African, Arab, Asian and Latino communities. SFILEN - Immigration Legal Assistance + Community Education Resources Brochure (pdf)

Empowering undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals.

Understand your options, find legal help, and make a plan./Conocer sus opciones, encontrar ayuda legal, haga un plan.


Rapid Response Networks


24-hour hotline to report any ICE activity in San Francisco and get emergency legal assistance/línea de 24 horas para reportar La Migra en San Francisco y obtener asistencia legal en caso de emergencia.


24-hour hotline to report any ICE activity in Alameda County and get emergency legal assistance/
línea de 24 horas para reportar La Migra en el condado de Alameda y obtener asistencia legal en caso de emergencia.


The network’s goal is to provide support to every community within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Immigration Court – from Bakersfield to the Oregon border — to protect individuals’ due process rights and keep families together.

List of Northern California Local Rapid Response Hotlines/lista de las líneas directas locales de respuesta rápida del norte de California (pdf)


Reports on Immigrant Conditions


This report documents serious and widespread mistreatment of domestic workers – nannies, housecleaners, and caregivers – in the United States. They are underpaid, in many cases less than the minimum wage, and often at levels too low to adequately care for their own families. They are almost universally excluded from coverage by labor laws and usually work without a contract or any kind of agreement, written or oral, with their employers. They often perform work that is physically punishing, involving heavy lifting, long hours, and exposure to potentially harmful cleaning products. They may be subject to physical and verbal abuse by their employers, even enduring, in the case of live-in immigrant workers, conditions indistinguishable from slavery.

With Millennials becoming parents and Baby Boomers getting older, the need for care across all generations of our families is growing. Many people can no longer rely on just family to provide the care they need. One of the most important steps we can take – and must take – in creating a family-centered caregiving system built for the 21st century is to address, head-on, the question of how we better provide long-term services and supports (LTSS) for our aging population and people with disabilities. Supporting care at any age and every stage of life will mean that we must invest now in eldercare, childcare, and paid leave for all. This report reflects Caring Across Generations’ recommendations for the first of these critical components of a new, inclusive, interdependent vision for Universal Family Care.