Workers’ Rights


The San Francisco Day Labor Program Women’s Collective joined Dolores Street in 2012. Since 1991, the program has been uniting, empowering, and organizing immigrant workers for dignified work and fair wages in San Francisco.

Workers are organized in two collectives, one of men and one of women, to build collective power, develop skills, and operate a collective enterprise providing on-demand workforce.

Members of the collectives work together to eradicate the injustices that affect day laborers and domestic workers, fostering an organized environment where all workers can build their dignity, leadership and power. Members share a vision of a community where day laborers and domestic workers have the same opportunities and rights as any other worker. They accomplish this by offering each other opportunities to learn, work and participate in the movement of immigrant and domestic workers. The collectives are co-founders and leaders in the National Day Labor Organizing NetworkNational Domestic Workers AllianceProgressive Workers AllianceCalifornia Domestic Workers CoalitionJobs with Justice, and San Francisco Rising, among others.




La Colectiva is a worker-run collective that helps empower immigrant women and connect them with jobs.

We work closely with advisory organizations such as UC Berkeley's Labor Occupational Health Program and the San Francisco Department of Public Health to provide training to our members, and learn about better working conditions, effective and safe cleaning techniques, and worker rights. La Colectiva is also a member of theInternational Domestic Workers Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the National Day Labor Organizing Network.

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Are your cleaning products making your house sick? Many products on the market can adversely affect the health of your family, pets, and the workers who clean your home. We've collaborated with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to train our members to protect you and themselves from chemical hazards.


La Colectiva isn't like other cleaning services--we're a worker-run collective, committed to empowering women and supporting a healthy work environment. Our employer handbook helps facilitate communication between La Colectiva workers and the people who hire them. It features an illustrated guide to common household tasks with captions in English and Spanish; a guide to green cleaners; information about our pricing structure; and an explanation of why we do things the way we do.


Having the same La Colectiva member clean your home on a regular basis enables you to focus on other things important to your life. There are benefits to an ongoing working relationship, and responsibilities too. Sample work agreement will help you establish your working relationship with the La Colectiva member. Download an English or Spanish sample work agreement.


On-the-Job Coaches


Members leading the collectives assume practical training positions that are opportunities for skills development in the areas of English proficiency, computers and organizing. Leaders are supported by professionals, students and retirees who volunteer 2 hours per week in providing hand-on, on-the-job coaching. Volunteers receive free training in coaching techniques and are supported by our staff throughout their experience. Prior volunteers report incredible personal and professional growth.