The Women’s Collective

The Women’s Collective

Hire one of our members!

If you are interested in hiring someone from the Women’s Collective for cleaning services, please read the following information and complete the form below.  

Our members provide reliable, high-quality cleaning services. Our rates include: 

  • $100 for 3 hours (at minimum) 
  • $35 for each additional hour 

Payment for services can be made with cash or check and paid directly to each worker. Tips are appreciated. Please note that jobs canceled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice incur a $25 cancellation fee (per worker). This policy guarantees that our staff receives advance notice and that they are compensated for their time.  

State labor laws require that all workers must receive a paid 10-minute break for every four hours worked and a 30-minute break for every five hours worked (unless the workday is under 6 hours in which case the meal period can be waived by mutual consent). 

The collective is part of the employers’ organization “Mano a Mano” which is dedicated to guaranteeing the responsibilities and rights of employers to be a good employer. We add here the link to register and if you wish you can sign the agreement to be a good employer.

Workers and employers should adhere to the CDC’s COVID-19 safety guidance, which includes wearing a face mask and maintaining six feet of physical distance. 

To schedule an appointment, fill out the form below or give us a call at (415) 252-5376 or (415) 252-5375. 

Do you need the worker to bring:

Hire one of our members!

If you are interested in hiring someone from
the Women’s Collective…

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