Executive Leadership Team

Laura Valdéz



Laura Valdéz was born and grew up in El Paso, Texas on the U.S./Mexico border. Her social justice framework is rooted in the struggles she witnessed growing up…

Saúl Hidalgo L.

Deputy Director


Saúl has over 25 years of nonprofit experience – most of which has taken place in the Mission. His previous experience includes…

Nolia Yulan Lai

Director Of Human Resources


Nolia Yulan Lai has over 15 years of human resources management experience. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration and an…


Jazzman Parks Cardona

Director Of Strategic Projects


As a Brooklyn-native, Jazzman comes to DSCS with a diverse background in education, finance, and operations. Constantly battling with generational…

Yesenia Lacayo

Operations Director


Yesenia has been involved in the non-profit sector from an early age. She was a participant in the Mission Area Federal Credit Union- Youth Credit Union…

Housing & Shelter Programs 

Manuel Piña

Director of Housing and Shelter Programs


Manny has over 12 years of experience in Operations, mostly in private corporations. Manny holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a Masters…

Enrique Roldan

Richard M. Cohen Residence Senior Manager


Enrique Roldan was promoted as Program Director of Cohen Residence in 2020. Enrique worked for 5 years as the Dolores Shelter Program Manager…

Jaime Torres

Casa Esperanza Program Manager


Jaime is a San Francisco Native raised in the Mission District by a single immigrant mother. He attended and graduated from John O’Connell High School…

Simon Rodriguez

Associate Manager of Housing & Shelter Programs


Simon is originally from Los Angeles specifically from the beautiful San Fernando Valley. For many years, he has ben working with the Latin X…

Leslie Valdez 

Casa Quezada Program Manager 

[Bio coming soon!]

Stephanie Senna

Dolores Shelter Program Sr. Manager

[Bio coming soon!]

Lauren Baugh

Mission Inn Program Manager

[Bio coming soon!]

Arturo Arevalos

Safe Sleeping Village Program Manager 

[Bio coming soon!]

Jorge Rivera

Stay Over Program Program Manager 

[Bio coming soon!]

Maribel Gonzalez Ruiz

Director of Finance 

[Bio coming soon!]

Community Services 

Jacqui Portillo

Community Services Director


Jacqui Portillo has over 20 years of experience in the social service sector and family support movement. Most recently she worked for East Bay Agency for…

Alejandro Nuno

Access Point Senior Program Manager


Alejandro Nuno was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, México. His parents brought him to live in the US when he was 10 years old. He grew up in Santa Monica, CA and…

Cindia Diaz

Nuestro Bienestar Program Manager


Cindia Diaz is a Program Manager for the Nuestro Bienestar Community Wellness Program. She works with a team of Health Promotors to provide wrap around…

Community Engagement & Organizing 

Maria Rinaldi

Director of Community Engagement & Organizing


Maria is a Latinx immigrant woman with over 17 years of experience working with the Latinx and African American populations in San Francisco…

Sanika Mahajan

Associate Manager of Community Engagement & Organizing


Sanika Mahajan grew up primarily in the South Bay as the daughter of South Asian immigrants. Her commitment to centering social justice for marginalized groups…

Guillermina Castellanos

Worker Center Co-Senior Manager


As co-founder of La Colectiva de Mujeres in 2001, Guillermina has supported hundreds of women to discover and develop dignity, leadership, and…

Sayde Leos Diaz

Cooperative Developer Manager


Sayde Leos is an accomplished Lawyer in Mexico and Paralegal in the US, with 6 years of law experience in both countries. She enjoys using her skills to…

Melissa Gomez



Born and raised in the Mission, Melissa sees the Mission district as a huge part of her identity. When she found DSCS was hiring, she knew it was the right fit…

Finn Palamaro

SFILEN Program Manager 

[Bio coming soon!]

Sean McMahon

Director of Deportation Defense & Legal Advocacy Program 

[Bio coming soon!]



Housing and shelter placements provided for adults, youth, and families


Deportations prevented for pre-documented immigrants


Living wage jobs secured for low wage workers