Community Services

Community Services

Our programs provide direct assistance to individuals needing support related to housing navigation, food resources, health and wellness. We recognize that meeting basic needs is essential for our community to thrive, so creating better access to these services is our priority.  

El Mercadito (The Little Market) 

Dolores Street Community Services recently began operating a food distribution program, located at 1050 South Van Ness Ave. in the Mission District. El Mercadito is a large-scale food pantry which provides essential and culturally appropriate groceries for individuals and families living with food insecurity. DSCS operates the distribution as a market-style pantry on Wednesdays and Fridays, where members can select food items to prepare healthy and delicious meals for themselves and their families at home.

El Mercadito opens Wednesdays from 12-4 p.m. Registration for services is from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Proof of living in 94110 is required to access the community services provided.

Wellness Program (Nuestro Bienestar) 

The Community Wellness Program, Nuestro Bienestar, utilizes a Health Promoter model to ensure that all Latinx and indigenous people living in San Francisco are connected to the services and care they need. Our team of Health Promoters connect clients to medical care, psychosocial support, economic relief, food assistance, legal aid, vocational services, and other support services needed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the model proved to be an effective community-centered strategy to support education and prevention efforts. The program also provides food vouchers to SRO tenants to receive meals at participating local restaurants and grocery stores.  

Access Point 

The Mission Access Point is one of several primary entry points for adults experiencing homelessness in the city. These programs connect clients to the San Francisco Coordinated Entry system, which is the overall system of programs and housing opportunities.  

Clients can call or visit the Access Point to complete an assessment for housing. If eligible, clients will be referred to an appropriate housing program. Access Point staff will support clients with coordinating the documents and steps needed for move-in. For clients who are not eligible for housing placement, Access Point staff will provide problem solving services to explore and identify the best potential options available.  

To connect with the Mission Access Point, please call (415) 857-7762.

Aid & Subsidy 

The Aid & Subsidy Program supports families facing housing insecurity by providing stipends to landlords that contribute toward monthly rental payments. The program works with mixed-status families living in RAD and HOPE SF housing programs, particularly those who are low to extremely low-income. Additionally, eligible families must have a severe rent burden in which they are currently paying more than 50% of their monthly income toward rent. The subsidies alleviate this rental burden by reducing the amount responsible by the tenant to 30% of their income. This supports the families’ ability to meet other basic financial needs, such as food, hygiene, and health care. The program also allows families to remain in good standing with respect to their housing, thereby preventing potential evictions and resolving any issues of housing insecurity. DSCS also works to ensure family success by collaborating with social service providers and case managers to ensure that families have access to the resources they need.   



Housing and shelter placements provided for adults, youth, and families


Deportations prevented for pre-documented immigrants


Living wage jobs secured for low wage workers